Sydney’s diverse multicultural identity ensures a never-ending array of fabulous festivals in which visitors can often participate alongside the locals. Neighborhood festivals might celebrate anything from a local ethnic community to specialty food, the arts or a religious occasion, and they happen throughout the year. In Leichhardt, the Sydney Italian Festival takes place in May; … Read more

Best Places for a Drink with a View

At the northern end of Bondi Beach, a huge wrap- around veranda buzzes with beachgoers and locals relaxing at the end of a long, hot day. “The Rats,” more formally known as the North Bondi Returned Soldiers League Club, has uninterrupted views of the entire beach, and a bird’s-eye view of the bronzed surfers and … Read more

Bays & Harbors

Port Jackson, more commonly known as Sydney Harbour, may be the jewel in the crown but there are other fine bays on the doorstep of the city. Most visitors to Sydney fly over Botany Bay as they descend towards Kingsford Smith Airport. Captain Cook originally landed here in 1770, just inside its southern headland, now … Read more

Historic Sydney

The Aboriginal-owned Tribal Warrior Association runs cruises that give a unique perspective of the harbor and its history, including the traditional names of, and stories about, major landmarks. They demonstrate the fishing methods, food gathering techniques, and coastal lifestyle of the tribes that lived in the area prior to colonization, before giving a cultural performance … Read more

Quiet Beaches

When summer arrives, Sydneysiders flock to their beaches to escape the city heat and enjoy the warm waters. If the crowds on Bondi are a bit daunting then try one of the secluded, lesser- known beaches to be found along the coastline. At the bottom of a steep, grassy hill in the South Head suburb … Read more

Weekend Retreats

To the south of Sydney, the sleepy coastal village of Sussex Inlet offers a unique glimpse of Australian life. During the day, take a fishing boat out on the tranquil waters, enjoy a round of golf (making sure you don’t hit a kangaroo) or walk along the inlet to the entrance and then back across … Read more

Less-Explored Sydney

Images of Sydney’s iconic cityscape and harbor may be imprinted on the mind, but there are lesser-known – yet no less exciting – sides to this amazing city NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Sydney is 180 miles (290 km) northeast of the Australian capital Canberra POPULATION 4,120,000 VISITORS PER YEAR Over 10 million DAYTIME TEMPERATURES Jan: … Read more

Les Passages

In 19th-century Paris, the city’s shopping arcades, or passages couverts, were as much a fashionable place to show off as they were to shop. The emerging bourgeoisie was enamored by these glitzy, glass-roofed galleries, not least because of their bright lighting, heating, and shelter from the rain, and careening carriages of the busy streets outside. … Read more

Canal St-Martin and the 10th

If you step away from the grinding traffic of the main boulevards and flurry of commuters at Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, the 10th arrondissement is a charmer. Its meandering Canal St-Martin, a 19th-century waterway bordered by swaying chestnut and plane trees and overhung by iron footbridges, has become a magnet for picnickers, … Read more

Street Markets

The city’s richly colored street markets offer an unrivaled taste of France. Melons picked in Provence, geese fattened in the Périgord, ruby-red cherries, milky cheeses, flour-dappled breads, and earthy wild mushrooms are hauled to the city, snapped up, and polished off while still at their peak. Roving marchés volants (street markets) set up twice a … Read more