Aggtelek Caves, Hungary

Tourism Aggtelek Caves, Hungary
Tourism Aggtelek Caves, Hungary



Aggtelek Caves, also called Baradla-Domica Caverns, limestone cave system on the Hungarian-Slovakian border, about 30 miles (50 km) northwest of Miskolc, Hungary, and 40 miles (65 km) southwest of Košice, Slovakia.

It is the largest stalactite cave system in Europe, and its stalactite and stalagmite formations are spectacular.

The caverns and their surroundings have been designated a national park by both Hungary and Slovakia, and the area was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.


These vast underground caves protect record- sized stalactites and stalagmites, as well as snails, beetles, worms, and crabs. Just three of the hundreds of caves are open to the public, and the longest runs for 13 miles (21 km) into nearby Slovenia.

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