Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Tourism Arches National Park, Utah, USA
Tourism Arches National Park, Utah, USA


One of nature’s seemingly random acts was to erode the rich sandstone of the high desert in Utah into arches – around 2,000 of them. You may want a guide in this dramatic landscape, where temperatures can fluctuate alarmingly in 24 hours.

Try carpooling (or biking). You’ll feel like a responsible resident of planet Earth and you’ll be fighting one fewer car for a parking spot at popular trailheads.

Speaking of parking spots at popular trailheads, they fill up like a horse race on payday, so opt for some paths less taken (it will make all the difference) or consider getting using a local taxi service or commercial touring company that will drop you off and picks you up from the park.

If you do go to popular areas like Devils Garden, Delicate Arch, or the Windows, don’t idle at full parking lots. Move along (a scenic road loop through the park and passes many trailheads) and try back later.


If St. Louis is the Gateway to the West, then Moab is the Gateway to the Wild West. It’s close to enough rugged, jaw-dropping beauty to make even the most seasoned ogler sprain their mandible but full of enough creature comforts to pamper the civilized.

So go ahead! Wander, get lost, worship some red rock, and then mosey back to town for some grub, soft sheets, and a cold one. With a plethora of cafes, breweries, and motels, you won’t be hurting for options.

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