4 more island groups to rival the greek Islands

AEOLIAN ISLANDS, ITALY These seven volcanic outcrops south of Sicily feature black-sand beaches, smoking craters, and hot mud baths. Visit the smaller islands to avoid peak-season crowds. And there’s the chance that Stromboli will blow its top. STOCKHOLM ARCHIPELAGO, SWEDEN Just pick up an Island Hopper card and enjoy this pristine environment and extraordinary natural … Read more

Croatia’s Islands vs the Greek Islands

Combining breathtaking beauty and incredible diversity, Croatia’s islands surpass those of Greece for unspoiled natural splendor – and they’re also far more accessible NEED TO KNOW LOCATION The islands are situated in the central part of the Adriatic Sea just off Croatia’s coast POPULATION 4.5 million NUMBER OF ISLANDS 1,085 but only 47 are inhabited … Read more

4 more geothermal sites to rival yellowstone

SOL DE MAÑANA, BOLIVIA This geothermal field sits at an elevation of nearly 16,400 ft (5,000 m), in one of the wildest landscapes on earth. Nearby, you’ll find vast salt flats, steaming volcanoes, and colorful, flamingo-filled lagoons. TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK, NEW ZEALAND Head to this park if you’re looking for superb hiking and extensive geothermal … Read more

Iceland vs Yellowstone

If it is natural fountains and geothermal heat you desire, consider this sub-Arctic destination in the middle of the North Atlantic over the ever-popular Yellowstone NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of the Arctic Circle VISITORS PER YEAR Less than one for each of the 300,000 citizens … Read more

4 more floral landscapes to rival new England

THE WILD FLOWERS OF THE DRAKENSBERG MOUNTAINS, SOUTH AFRICA The South African summer sees a carpet of rare flora burst forth from the earth all around this sumptuous and highly distinctive mountain range (see also pp252–3). SPRING FLOWERS, CRETE Anemones, crocuses, and over 100 endemic species of orchids can be seen during Crete’s magnificent flower … Read more

Cherry Blossoms in Japan vs New England’s Fall

As beautiful as New England’s fall but with far fewer foreign tourists, the coming of the cherry blossom in Japan is celebrated by everyone, from children to haiku poets NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Good places for viewing blossoms include Ueno Park, Tokyo; Dankazura, Kamakura; Heian Shrine, Kyoto; Himeji Castle, Himeji; Dogo Park, Matsuyama VISITORS PER … Read more


NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world, and lies in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa AREA 226,655 sq miles (587,040 sq km) KEY WILDLIFE Lemurs, fossas, leaf-tailed geckos, panther chameleons Madagascar is one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots. Once linked to Africa and the … Read more

Lopé National Park

NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Lopé National Park is in Central Gabon, in the province of Ogooué-Ivindo, some 125 miles (200 km) from the capital, Libreville AREA 1,895 sq miles (4,910 sq km) KEY WILDLIFE Western gorillas, mandrills, forest elephants and buffalos, sitatungas, monkeys One of the oldest, largest and most ecologically significant preserves in West … Read more

Luangwa Valley

NEED TO KNOW LOCATION The Luangwa Valley is in eastern Zambia, close to the border with Malawi. The gateway town of Mfuwe is about 310 miles (500 km) northeast of the capital, Lusaka AREA 5,290 sq miles (13,700 sq km) KEY WILDLIFE Leopards, Thornicroft’s giraffes, hippos, elephants, puku antelopes Africa at its most primal, this … Read more

Samburu National Reserve

NEED TO KNOW LOCATION Samburu National Reserve flanks the Ewaso Nyiro River in north-central Kenya, about 1 hour by (appallingly rutted) road from Isiolo AREA 150 sq miles (390 sq km) KEY WILDLIFE Gerenuks, Grevy’s zebras, reticulated giraffes, Beisa oryxes Samburu lies in the parched badlands that divide Kenya’s central highlands from the Ethiopian border, … Read more