Easy Macaroni Salad

Cooking Easy Macaroni Salad
Cooking Easy Macaroni Salad


16 ounces macaroni

5 ounces tuna, drained

1 -1 1/2 cup mayonnaise, to taste

1 medium onion ( peeled and finely diced)

1 carrot ( peeled and shredded or grated) salt & pepper

1 -2 stalk celery ( chopped)


Cook the macaroni as instructed on box and then drain the pasta and rinse with water.

Then chop the onions, carrot and celery.

After this, take the pasta, veggies, a cup of mayonnaise, tuna and add them to large size bowl.

Then use the salt and pepper for seasoning the salad.

Then keep the bowl, covered, in refrigerator till thoroughly chilled.

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