French Baguette Easy

Cooking French Baguette Easy
Cooking French Baguette Easy


200 ml water, lukewarm

1 3⁄4 tablespoons dry yeast

1 teaspoon salt

300 g all-purpose flour (or less)


1. In a big mixing bowl pour water and add yeast. Let stand for 5 min.

2. Mix yeast and water until all yeast is disolved.

3. Add salt.

4. Add flour a bit at a time. When dough becomes to heavy to stir, move to table and knead dough as long as you like. The consistency of the dough should not be sticky and should not be too dry. Once you can ‘play ball’ from hand to hand with the dough it should be fine.

5. Let rise for 30 min in warm place, cover with tea towel.

6. Preheat oven to 375.

7. Punch dough back down and form into 3-4 long baguettes.

8. Let rise for 15 min, cover with tea towel.

9. Slit the baguette with sharp knice diagonally accross every 2-3 inches.

10. Brush with water (I wet a papertowel and run it quickly along the baguettes).

11. Bake for approx 25 min or until bread turns golden. 12. Brush with salted butter/becel while baguette is still warm.

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