Mountain Resort, Chengde, China

This walled estate is the final flourish of imperial China, built by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty between 1703 and 1792 as an escape from the heat and intrigue of court life in Beijing.

Tourism Mountain Resort, Chengde, China
Tourism Mountain Resort, Chengde, China

Inside, a replica of the Forbidden City stands among new palaces, temples, and other buildings, all beautifully landscaped to mirror different facets of the country.

Chengde Mountain Resort in Chengde (Chinese: 承德避暑山庄; Manchu: Halhūn1.png Halhūn be jailara gurung), is a large complex of imperial palaces and gardens situated in the Shuangqiao District of Chengde in northeastern Hebei province, northern China, about 225 km northeast of Beijing. This resort was frequently used as a summer palace during the Qing dynasty.[1] Because of its vast and rich collection of Chinese landscapes and architecture, the Mountain Resort in many ways is a culmination of all the variety of gardens, pagodas, temples and palaces from various regions of China. In 1994, The Mountain Resort was awarded World Heritage Site status.

Chengde is one of China’s four famous gardens, national relic protection unit and Class 5A Tourist Attractions in China. Wikipedia

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