Onam, kerala, India

Kerala is at its loveliest during the ten-day festival of Onam (Aug–Sep), its trees brimming with fruit under warm sunshine. This is an inclusive, secular event that honors King Mahabali who, it is said, ruled over a period of happiness and prosperity in the region. It brings out all the spectacle of Keralan culture: courtyards are dressed with floral carpets, there are costumed dances and sports, and chanting oarsmen steer a popular Snake Boat Race along the Pampa River. Onasadya, a nine- course feast served on banana leaves, showcases the region’s delicate and varied cuisine.

Tourism Onam, kerala, India
Tourism Onam, kerala, India

Onam is an annual Malayali harvest festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. A major annual event for Keralites, it is the official festival of the …

2021 date: Thu 12 Aug to Mon 23 August

2022 date: Tuesday, 30 August 2022 to Thurs…

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Date: multi-day

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