Getting started with puppy training

“Training a puppy is like raising a child. Every single interaction is a training opportunity.” Ian Dunbar Key Takeaway: Puppy training is about getting your puppy to listen to you. It is important to understand what to teach your puppy, when to teach it, and how to teach it. Puppy training starts as soon as … Read more

Non-Islamic Peoples

Most of the region’ s population today speak Arabic, consider themselves Arabs, and practice Islam. The major non-Arab, yet Islamic, areas are located in the high plateau and mountain regions of Turkey, Central Asia (mostly Turkic speaking), Iran, northern Iraq, and portions of Afghanistan. Besides Islam, Southwest Asia is also a hub of Judaism and … Read more

Lonely planet Afghanistan

onely Planet is one of the most influential guidebooks in the world. In 2007, the Lonely Planet Library added Afghanistan to its list for the first time. Does this signal a renaissance of tourism in the country and acceptability of travel to and within Afghanistan or does it constitute a form of extreme adventure tourism? … Read more

Siberia and Asia ’ s monsoon climate

There are no moderating marine air influences in Siberia, which makes it, along with Central Asia, much drier than areas closer to Europe. Because land masses heat much more quickly than water, Siberia is dominated in winter by a high air pressure system and in summer by a low air pressure system. The summer low … Read more

Tourism issues and insights transterritorial governance: the case of ỉresund,Denmark and Sweden

Trans-territorial organizations are organizations that have area boundaries that include the territories of constituent members. A number of trans-border regional agencies have been established within Europe with the support of the EU and national and regional govern- ments. One of the most recognized is that of Øresund. The Øresund region links the region of Skåne … Read more

Tourism issues and insights planning for tourism in national parks: the example of Finland

As well as being extremely important for domestic tourism nature is an extremely important part of Finland’ s international tourism promotion. As of 2005 there were 35 parks in Finland and the total number of visits in Finnish national parks is approaching 1.5 million. The aver- age number of visits in Finnish National Parks has … Read more

The Nordic Cultural Landscape

The Nordic countries of Northern Europe comprise five states, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and three autonomous territories: the Åland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The term Nordic refers to the northern lands and characterizes the countries not only in terms of location but other aspects of their geography, culture and history that … Read more