Painted Canyon, North Dakota, Usa

Painted Canyon is one of the most awe- inspiring parts of the North Dakota Bad Lands. This phantasmagoric region lies on the southern edge of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, named after the former president, who owned a ranch here.

It is a shockingly harsh landscape of rocks and buttes, where temperatures are extreme and bison and horses still roam freely. Roosevelt, who came here after the loss of his wife and mother on the same day, saw himself as a frontiersman, and in this remote and beautiful place, you are bound to feel like one, too.

Tourism Painted Canyon, North Dakota, USA
Tourism Painted Canyon, North Dakota, USA

Painted Canyon is a valley in Billings County, North Dakota, in the United States. Painted Canyon was so named on account of its colorful rocks.

There is a 588-metre water-supply well located at the Painted Canyon Overlook, which has a specific capacity of about 0.4 gallon per minute per foot.They have beautiful trails. Wikipedia

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