Spectacular Inca ruins in the hills behind the market town of Pisac, Peru
Spectacular Inca ruins in the hills behind the market town of Pisac, Peru


LOCATION Pisac lies on Peru’s Urubamba river, just north of Cusco


Fewer than 9,000


Jan: 50°F (10°C); Apr: 57°F (14°C); Jul: 57°F (14°C); Oct: 59°F (15°C)

The tranquil market town of Pisac takes little notice of the magnificent ruins in the hills behind it. For that matter, you’d be hard-pressed to recognize its historic link to the Inca Trail. Which is probably just as well for travelers who want to see near-intact remnants of a glorious Inca civilization. To this day, the hillside is lined with terraces constructed by the Inca and still in use.

The ruins themselves are divided into four areas, of which Q’allaqasa (the citadel) and Intihuatana (the Temple of the Sun) are the best preserved. The views from Intihuatana of the Sacred Valley below are nothing short of amazing. Pisac is also something of a trekker’s delight, with the area around ideal for spring and autumn hikes. Visitors arriving here look to combine low-impact trekking with cultural tourism – a niche the town fills perfectly.

Practical Information

Getting There and Around Pisac can be visited as part of a trek on the Inca Trail, only it is north of Cusco and can be easily reached by road. If you have a private vehicle, you’re better off as there are other nearby sites worth exploring.

When to Go Dec–Mar, when there is little rain and lots of sunshine.

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