STANZA I-The Genesis of Divine Love

STANZA I-The Genesis of Divine Love
STANZA I-The Genesis of Divine Love

The Book of Secret Wisdom – The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution

The Genesis of Divine Love

1. The Gods were at work, rotating the Stellar Wheel. They were winding up the hidden mainspring, which then would unfold, manifesting itself in the concept of Time. The Earth was waiting for it, for the spot bearing that name was already aware of its mission. A small, barely visible drop of Matter was swirling around in Eternity. And for it the Lords of Destiny had foreordained Love! It was their loving intention to see that Love would fill that little drop and, after condensing it, carry it to its defined ultimate boundaries.

2. The Sun was beginning his Round. He had a defined role — the Bearer of Love. It was his job to imbue that small cluster with the warmth of the Fiery Heart, which finally started to take on a definite appearance. The newly attenuated state of Matter enabled the Sun to carry out the excellent work of filling it with his currents of abundant Love.

3. The Gods knew their Task and set a new pace for their Wheel, which was now vibrating faster than ever. The density of Matter was coupled with firmness and elasticity. The currents of Love had to struggle in order to successfully pierce the stone with their Fire.

4. The new Kingdom of Stones was populating the Earth, endowing her with power over their motionless bodies. The planet, raised by the currents of Love, knew only one way she herself could bring forth Life, and that was Love!
Love! Here she was a rule, a law, a form of Life. Only one thing was required of the Earth: to love! And the Lords of Destiny kept strict watch over the fulfilling of Karma.

5. The planet was doing her utmost. She knew how to love, and what it was to be loved. With all the zeal and fervour of her Loving Soul, she warmed the motionless stones, breaking through their hardness and elasticity. They revived, drinking in the generous currents of Love. Stones were resurrected! They began to blossom like petals of Divine Flowers, and took their place in turn. The planet was beautified by a profusion of flowers.

6. The warmth of the Sun became stronger, for he was clearly experiencing the magical Power of the influence of Love. And the flowers loved both their Father Sun and their Mother Earth. They were their children, born in common! The parents carefully looked after their flowers’ luxuriant heads of many colours, open wide towards them.
The Universe beheld the work of the Lords, and was pleased with the flowers’ first successful appearance. Ceaselessly they worked, imbuing the world with a fragrant aroma. Attracted by the flowers’ Power of Love, constellations generously imparted their own… The Lords of Destiny were content: all was proceeding according to their Predestined Plan.

7. Love reigned supreme all over the world! She was calm and content in her earthly domains. All the celestial bodies supported her in that Divine Work. Only the Sun sometimes peered anxiously into the bowels of Earth during the times when she hid her sides from him as she rotated. Because of the density of Matter, the Sun was not able to glimpse what was happening on the other side of the planet.

8. Eventually, robust vegetation girdled the world, hiding the gentle flowers in its shadow and choking their tiny stems with its mighty roots. These giants seized power and began to swallow light greedily, cutting off the warm solar rays from those who were shorter and much weaker than they. Without the caressing warmth of the All-Loving Sun, lesser creatures withered and perished.

9. Evil had appeared in the world for the first time. The Sun was unable to discern what was going on beneath the thick crowns of giant trees. These effectively concealed evil, which had managed to steal in surreptitiously. The All-Seeing Eye of the Sun partially lost its power, for he could not illuminate the hidden back side of the Earth.

10. The condensation of Matter came to the end of its tether. Billions of years had passed, and human souls were still similar to stones… How could they have become so callous and impenetrable? It was a difficult question to answer! They had become acquainted with evil, who was already rotating his black wheel of time in full swing, standing just beyond the border of the Light. While, on the reverse side, the darkness was trying to obscure the whole of the Light so as to transform him into gloom. But for that she needed some assistance from earthlings.

11. The Light was fighting bravely, armed with the One Power of Love. But because he was always ablaze with pure Divine Love, he felt no hatred towards the darkness, nor did he know jealousy. Love was the most powerful weapon, and the darkness was helpless against her. It was necessary to wield that weapon to be omnipotent! But the darkness could not approach the Light openly, for she would immediately burn down, engulfed in the Flame of Love. But by and by she found a way around: she would enter human Hearts, which were alone capable of holding the Sacred Divine Gift.

12. The human Heart started to glow, like the Celestial Star itself. And that tiny sun in a human breast was full of the bright and brimming-over currents of Love.

Nevertheless, the Heart, parched with an endless thirst, went on constantly searching — only for Love, for that Divine impulse could be quenched by Love alone. Apparently, the Love of the earthly Hearts did not know satisfaction, for she still had not yet fully experienced the Power of the Sacred, Divinely Supreme Love. An enormous task of recognition lay ahead.

And so to fulfil that Task of pure Heavenly Labour, the Lords of Destiny asked the Gods to launch the Supreme Mechanism which would turn another Wheel — one that would go beyond the bounds of Time, leading human Hearts along heavenly pathways to the recognition of True Love.

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