Trôo, Loir-et-cher, France

Carved into the white cliff above the Loire River, the troglodyte village of Trôo (from trou – “hole”) has provided safe lodging for centuries; its oldest dwellings date from the 12th century. They are still in demand as second homes for stylish Parisians.

Tourism Trôo, Loir-et-cher, France
Tourism Trôo, Loir-et-cher, France

Troo is a commune of the Loir-et-Cher department in central France. Wikipedia

Area: 5.479 mi²

Weather: 72°F (22°C), Wind E at 5 mph (8 km/h), 74% Humidity

Population: 308 (2015) INSEE

Hotels: 3-star averaging $87. View hotels

Getting there: 11 h 45 min flight, from $1,414. View flights

Local time: Wednesday 10:40 AM

Region: Centre-Val de Loire

Neighborhoods: Dimeray, Les Granges, Cornille, La Bardouillère, La Plaine, Chenillé, La Borde, Le Pont Granger, Le Clos Pignon

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