Horse-riding, Kyrgyzstan

Tourism Horse-riding, Kyrgyzstan
Tourism Horse-riding, Kyrgyzstan

Follow part of the Silk Road, Central Asia’s ancient trade route, on horseback through Kyrgyzstan. Canter across the wide, open steppes dotted with traditional yurts (felt tents) and over the high passes of the awesome Tien Shan mountains.

The Kyrgyz Horse or Kirgiz Horse is a traditional breed of small horse from the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan). Kyrgyz people associate it with their nomadic past.

During the Soviet era of Kyrgyz history, the Kyrgyz Horse was cross-bred with imported foreign breeds, including Don and Thoroughbred strains, to create a new and larger breed, the Novokirgiz or New Kirgiz. Wikipedia

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