Rafting The Karnali, Nepal

Tourism Rafting The Karnali, Nepal
Tourism Rafting The Karnali, Nepal

Nepal is home to the highest mountains on earth, and the rivers that run down them are fast, deep, and brimming with whitewater as a result. The Karnali is Nepal’s longest river, and a multi-day trip along it marries tricky, adrenalin- charged early sections with calmer moments toward its end.

The route also takes in some of Nepal’s most dramatic scenery, including jagged mountains, lush jungle, and rare pockets of savanna. The river runs through remote Bardia National Park, offering the chance to see rhinos, wild elephants, and crocodiles.

Rafting, Kayaking and Cannoning is one of the main parts of river tourism in Nepal. Prior to the boom of the tourism industry, rivers were considered holy and the idea of fun in the river was not usual to general Nepalese. From zero clients in early 70s to more than 30,000 clients in 2000, it is one of the growing industry of Nepal. Wikipedia

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