Planica Ski Jump, Slovenia

Tourism Planica Ski Jump, Slovenia
Tourism Planica Ski Jump, Slovenia

Skiing is Slovenia’s national sport, and more records have been set at these jumps than anywhere else in the world.

It’s unlikely you’ll fancy braving any of them yourself (the drops look utterly intimidating) but the annual World Cup event, held in late March, attracts hordes of spectators – there for the party and the sight of the daring athletes.

Planica is an Alpine valley in northwestern Slovenia, extending south from the border village of Rateče, not far from another well-known ski resort, Kranjska Gora. Further south, the valley extends into the Tamar Valley, a popular hiking destination in Triglav National Park.

Planica is famous for ski jumping. The first ski jumping hill was constructed before 1930 at the slope of Mount Ponca. In 1933, Ivan Rožman constructed a larger hill, known as the Bloudek Giant (Bloudkova velikanka) after Stanko Bloudek, which later gave rise to ski flying. The venue was completed in 1934. The first ski jump over 100 metres (330 ft) in history was achieved at the hill in 1936 by Sepp Bradl. At the time, it was the biggest jumping hill in the world. Wikipedia

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