Playa Ostional, Costa Rica

One of nature’s miraculous events is the arrival of thousands of turtles on this beach every few weeks from July to November. These amphibians lumber out of the surf to lay their eggs in such numbers that the beach can look like a rocky shore.

A conservation deal with the locals allows them to collect eggs from the first batches, as long as they protect the later ones.

Tourism Playa Ostional, Costa Rica
Tourism Playa Ostional, Costa Rica


El Ostional is a coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in the municipality of San Juan del Sur and Rivas department in south-west Nicaragua. It is located 170 kilometers (105 miles) south of Managua and 10.5 kilometers (6.5 miles) from the border with Costa Rica. The region consists of the communities of Monte Cristo and San Antonio.

El Ostional is becoming recognized as a quaint spot for voluntourism, sport fishing, birdwatching, turtle, dolphin, and whale watching, Cultural heritage events and is a vacation spot for Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists interested in immersing themselves in rural community life. Wikipedia

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