Abydos was dedicated to the ruler of the Underworld and this temple, built under Seti I in the 13th century BC, was the burial site for all the pharaohs of the first dynasty.

Tourism temple of seti i, abydos, egypt
Tourism temple of seti i, abydos, egypt

Its List of Kings – 76 cartouches carved into the walls – is especially fascinating.

The temple of Seti I is situated in Abydos, one of the most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt. Abydos is located in Upper Egypt, about 10 km from the Nile River. It was a necropolis for Egypt’s earliest kings and later became a pilgrimage center for the worship of the god Osiris. https://www.arce.org/temple-seti-i-abydos

Date: New Kingdom, Dynasty 19, Reign of Seti I (1290-1279 BC)(temple completed by his son, Ramesses II, 1279-1213 BC)

Material: Limestone

Location: Abydos

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